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ⅩⅩⅩⅦ, 19-46.

be one scare, and, behold, they shall look on, 20 and they shall say, 'O, woe is us! this is the day of judgment, this is the day of decision, which ye did call a lie!' Gather ye together, ye who were unjust, with their mates and what they used to serve beside God, and guide them to the way of hell, and stop them; verily, they shall be questioned. 25 'Why do ye not help each other?' nay, on that day they shall resign themselves, and some shall draw near to others, to question each other, and they shall say, 'Verily, ye came to us from the right[1].' They shall say, 'Nay, ye were not believers, nor had we any authority over you; nay, ye were an outrageous people. 30' And the sentence of our Lord shall be due for us; verily, we shall surely taste thereof; we did seduce you — verily, we were erring too! therefore, verily, on that day they shall share the torment: thus it is that we will do with the sinners.

Verily, when it is said to them, 'There is no god but God,' they get too big with pride, and say, 35 'What! shall we leave our gods for an infatuated poet?' Nay, he came with the truth, and verified the apostles; verily, ye are going to taste of grievous woe, nor shall ye be rewarded save for that which ye have done!

Except God’s sincere servants, 40 these shall have a stated provision of fruits, and they shall be honoured in the gardens of pleasure, upon couches facing each other[2]; they shall be served all round with a cup from a spring, 45 white and delicious to those who drink, wherein is no insidious spirit, nor shall they

  1. That is, with a good omen.
  2. See Chapter ⅩⅤ, verse 47.