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ⅩⅩⅩⅦ, 143-170.
the qurʼân.

God’s praises he would surely have tarried in the belly thereof to the day when men shall be raised.

145 But we cast him on to the barren shore ; and he was sick; and we made to grow over him a gourd tree ; and we sent him to a hundred thousand or more, and they believed ; and we gave them enjoyment for a season.

Ask them[1], ‘ Has thy Lord daughters while they have sons[2]? 150 or have we created the angels females while they were witnesses ?’ is it not of their lie that they say, ‘ God has begotten ?’ verily, they are liars.

Has he preferred daughters to sons ? what ails you? how ye judge! 155 will ye not be mindful, or have ye obvious authority ? then bring your Book if ye do speak the truth.

And they made him to be related to the ginns, while the ginns know that they shall be arraigned ; celebrated be God’s praises from what they attribute ! — 160 save God’s sincere servants.

‘ Verily, ye and what ye worship shall not try any one concerning him, save him who shall broil in hell; there is none amongst us but has his appointed place, and, 165 verily, we are ranged, and, verily, we celebrate His praises[3].’

And yet they say, ‘ Had we a reminder from those of yore we should surely have been of God’s sincere servants.’

170 But they misbelieved in it[4]; but soon shall they know.

  1. The Meccans.
  2. See Part Ⅰ, p. 256, note 2.
  3. This speech is supposed to be the words of the angel Gabriel.
  4. I. e. in the Qurʼân.