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ⅩⅦ, 24-35.
the qurʼân.

whether one or both of them reach old age with thee; and say not to them, ‘ Fie !’ and do not grumble at them, but speak to them a generous speech. 25 And lower to them the wing of humility out of compassion, and say, ‘ O Lord ! have compassion on them as they brought me up when I was little !’ Your Lord knows best what is in your souls if ye be righteous, and, verily, He is forgiving unto those who come back penitent.

And give thy kinsman his due and the poor and the son of the road ; and waste not wastefully, for the wasteful were ever the devil’s brothers ; and the devil is ever ungrateful to his Lord.

30 But if thou dost turn away from them to seek after mercy from thy Lord[1], which thou hopest for, then speak to them an easy speech.

Make not thy hand fettered to thy neck, nor yet spread it out quite open, lest thou shouldst have to sit down blamed and straitened in means. Verily, thy Lord spreads out provision to whomsoever He will or He doles it out. Verily, He is ever well aware of and sees his servants.

And slay not your children[2] for fear of poverty ; we will provide for them; beware! for to slay them is ever a great sin!

And draw not near to fornication ; verily, it is ever an abomination, and evil is the way thereof.

35 And slay not the soul that God has forbidden you, except for just cause ; for he who is slain unjustly we have given his next of kin authority ; yet

  1. I.e. if you are compelled to leave them in order to seek your livelihood ; or if your present means are insufficient to enable you to relieve others.
  2. See Part Ⅰ, p. 256, note 2.