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ⅩⅬ, 15-26
the qurʼân.

of the throne ! He throws the spirit by His bidding upon whom He will of His servants, to give warning of the day of meeting. The day when they shall be issuing forth, naught concerning them shall be hidden from God. Whose is the kingdom on that day? — God’s, the one, the dominant! to-day shall every soul be recompensed for that which it has earned. There is no wrong to-day ; verily, God is quick at reckoning up !

And warn them of the day that approaches, when hearts are choking in the gullets; those who do wrong shall have no warm friend, and no intercessor who shall be obeyed. 20 He knows the deceitful of eye and what men’s breasts conceal, and God decides with truth ; but those they call on beside Him do not decide at all: verily, God, He both hears and looks. Have they not journeyed on in the earth and seen how was the end of those who journeyed on before them ? They were stronger than them in might, and their vestiges are in the land; but God caught them up in their sins, and they had none to guard them against God.

That is for that their apostles did come to them with manifest signs, and they misbelieved, and God caught them up; verily, He is mighty, keen to punish !

And we did send Moses with our signs, and with obvious authority, 25 unto Pharaoh and Hâmân and Qarûn. They said, ‘ A lying sorcerer !’ and when they came to them with truth from us, they said, ‘ Kill the sons of those who believe with him, and let their women live!’ but the stratagem of the misbelievers is only in error!