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ⅩⅦ, 46-56.
the qurʼân.

but what celebrates His praise : but ye cannot understand their celebration; — verily, He is clement and forgiving.

And when thou readest the Qurʼân we place between thee and those who believe not in the hereafter a covering veil. And we place covers upon their hearts, lest they should understand, and dulness in their ears.

And when thou dost mention in the Qurʼân thy Lord by Himself they turn their backs in aversion.

50 We know best for what they listen when they listen to thee; and when they whisper apart — when the wrong-doers say, ‘ Ye only follow a man enchanted.’

Behold, how they strike out for you parables, and err, and cannot find the way !

They say, ‘ What ! when we have become bones and rubbish are we to be raised up a new creature ?’ Say, ‘ Be ye stones, or iron, or a creature, the greatest your breasts can conceive — !’ Then they shall say, ‘ Who is to restore us ?’ Say, ‘He who originated you at first ;’ and they will wag their heads and say, ‘ When will that be ?’ Say, ‘ It may, perhaps, be nigh.’

The day when He shall call on you and ye shall answer with praise to Him, and they will think that they have tarried but a little.

55 And say to my servants that they speak in a kind way[1]; verily, Satan makes ill-will between them ; verily, Satan was ever unto man an open foe.

Your Lord knows you best ; if He please He will have mercy upon you, or if He please He will

  1. I. e. they are not to provoke the idolaters by speaking too roughly to them so as to exasperate them.