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ⅩⅬⅢ, 35-48.
the qurʼân.

be his mate ; and, verily, these shall turn them from the path while they reckon that they are guided; until when he comes to us he shall say, ‘ O, would that between me and thee there were the distance of the two orients[1], for an evil mate (art thou)!’ But it shall not avail you on that day, since ye were unjust ; verily, in the torment shall ye share !

What ! canst thou make the deaf to hear, or guide the blind, or him who is in obvious error ?

40 Whether then we take thee off we will surely take vengeance on them; or whether we show thee that which we have promised them; for, verily, we have power over them.

Say, ‘ Dost thou hold to what is inspired thee ?’ verily, thou art in the right way, and, verily, it is a reminder to thee and to thy people, but in the end they shall be asked.

And ask those whom we have sent before thee amongst the prophets, ‘ Did we make gods beside the Merciful One for them to serve ?’

45 We did send Moses with our signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs, and he said, ‘ Verily, I am the apostle of the Lord of the worlds; but when he came to them with our signs, lo, they laughed at them !’

And we did not show them a sign, but it was greater than its fellow; and we seized them with the torment, haply they might turn.

And they said, ‘ O thou magician ! pray for us to thy Lord, as He has engaged with thee : verily, we are guided.’

  1. I. e. the east and west, though some understand it between the two solstices.