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ⅬⅢ, 7-30.

Then drew he near and hovered o’er! until he was two bows’ length off or nigher still! 10 Then he inspired his servant what he inspired him; the heart belies not what he saw! What, will ye dispute with him on what he saw?

And he saw him another time, by the lote tree none may pass; 15 near which is the garden of the Abode! When there covered the lote tree what did cover it! The sight swerved not nor wandered. He saw then the greatest of the signs of his Lord.

Have ye considered Allât and Al ʼHuzzâ, 20 and Manât the other third[1]? Shall there be male offspring for Him and female for you? That were an unfair division! They are but names which ye have named, ye and your fathers! God has sent down no authority for them! They do but follow suspicion and what their souls lust after! — And yet there has come to them guidance from their Lord.

Shall man have what he desires? 25 But God’s is the hereafter and the present! How many an angel in the heaven! — their intercession avails not at all, save after God has given permission to whomsoever He will and is pleased with!

Verily, those who believe not in the hereafter do surely name the angels with female names[2]! — but they have no knowledge thereof; they do but follow suspicion, and, verily, suspicion shall not avail against the truth at all!

30 But turn aside from him who turns his back upon our remembrance and desires naught but this