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ⅬⅩⅩⅣ, 9-36.
the chapter of the covered.

difficult day! 10 for the misbelievers aught but easy !

Leave me alone with him I have created, and for whom I have made extensive wealth[1], and sons that he may look upon, and for whom I have smoothed things down. 15 Then he desires that I should increase ! nay, verily, he is hostile to our signs ! I will drive him up a hill ! Then he reflected and planned ! May he be killed, — how he planned ! 20 Again, may he be killed, — how he planned ! Then he looked ; then he frowned and scowled ; then he retreated and was big with pride and said, ‘ This is only magic exhibited ! 25 this is only mortal speech !’ — I will broil him in hell-fire! and what shall make thee know what hell-fire is ? It will not leave and will not let alone. It scorches the flesh ; 30 over it are nineteen (angels).

We have made only angels guardians of the fire, and we have only made their number a trial to those who misbelieve; that those who have been given the Book may be certain, and that those who believe may be increased in faith ; and that those who have been given the Book and the believers may not doubt ; and that those in whose hearts is sickness, and the misbelievers may say, ‘ What does God mean by this as a parable ?’

Thus God leads astray whom He pleases, and guides him He pleases : and none knows the hosts of thy Lord save Himself; and it is only a reminder to mortals !

35 Nay, by the moon !

And the night when it retires !

  1. The person meant is generally supposed to be Walîd ibn Mughâirah, one of the chiefs of the Qurâis.