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ⅩⅨ, 40-53.
the qurʼân.

the matter is decreed while they are heedless, and while they do not believe.

Verily, we will inherit the earth and all who are upon it, and unto us shall they return !

And mention, in the Book, Abraham ; verily, he was a confessor,— a prophet. When he said to his father, ‘ O my sire ! why dost thou worship what can neither hear nor see nor avail thee aught ? O my sire ! verily, to me has come knowledge which has not come to thee; then follow me, and I will guide thee to a level way.

45 ‘ O my sire ! serve not Satan ; verily, Satan is ever a rebel against the Merciful. O my sire ! verily, I fear that there may touch thee torment from the Merciful, and that thou mayest be a client of Satan.’

Said he, ‘ What ! art thou averse from my gods, Abraham ? verily, if thou dost not desist I will certainly stone thee; but get thee gone from me for a time !’

Said he, ‘ Peace be upon thee ! I will ask forgiveness for thee from my Lord; verily, He is very gracious to me : but I will part from you and what ye call on beside God, and will pray my Lord that I be not unfortunate in my prayer to my Lord.’

50 And when he had parted from them and what they served beside God, we granted him Isaac and Jacob, and each of them we made a prophet ; and we granted them of our mercy, and we made the tongue of truth lofty for them[1].

And mention, in the Book, Moses ; verily, he was sincere, and was an apostle, — a prophet We called

  1. That is, ‘ gave them great renown.’