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ⅩⅨ, 75-89.
the chapter of mary.

have we destroyed who were better off in property and appearance ?

Say, ‘ Whosoever is in error, let the Merciful extend to him length of days ! — until they see what they are threatened with, whether it be the torment or whether it be the Hour, then they shall know who is worse placed and weakest in forces !’

And those who are guided God will increase in guidance.

And enduring good works are best with thy Lord for a reward, and best for restoration.

80 Hast thou seen him who disbelieves in our signs, and says, ‘ I shall surely be given wealth and children[1]?’

Has he become acquainted with the unseen, or has he taken a compact with the Merciful ? Not so ! We will write down what he says, and we will extend to him a length of torment, and we will make him inherit what he says, and he shall come to us alone. They take other gods besides God to be their glory. 85 Not so! They[2] shall deny their worship and shall be opponents of theirs !

Dost thou not see that we have sent the devils against the misbelievers, to drive them on to sin ? but, be not thou hasty with them. Verily, we will number them a number (of days), — the day when we will gather the pious to the Merciful as ambassadors, and we will drive the sinners to hell like

  1. ʼHâsîy ibn Wâil, being indebted to ʿHabbâb, refused to pay him unless he renounced Mohammed. This ʿHabbâb said he would never do alive or dead, or when raised again at the last day. El ʼHâsîy told him to call for his money on the last day, as he should have wealth and children then.
  2. That is, the false gods.