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ⅩⅩ, 39-54.
the chapter of t. h..

love, 40 that thou mayest be formed under my eye. When thy sister walked on and said, “ Shall I guide you to one who will take charge of him ?” And we restored thee to thy mother, that her eye might be cheered and that she should not grieve. And thou didst slay a person and we saved thee from the trouble, and we tried thee with various trials. And thou didst tarry for years amongst the people of Midian ; then thou didst come (hither) at (our) decree, O Moses ! And I have chosen thee for myself. Go, thou and thy brother, with my signs, and be not remiss in remembering me. 45 Go ye both to Pharaoh ; verily, he is outrageous ! and speak to him a gentle speech, haply he may be mindful or may fear.'

They two said, ‘ Our Lord ! verily, we fear that he may trespass against us, or that he may be outrageous.’

He said, ‘ Fear not ; verily, I am with you twain. I hear and see !

‘ So come ye to him and say, “ Verily, we are the apostles of thy Lord; send then the children of Israel with us ; and do not torment them. We have brought thee a sign from thy Lord, and peace be upon him who follows the guidance !

50 ‘“ Verily, we are inspired that the torment will surely come upon him who calls us liars and turns his back.”’

Said he, ‘ And who is your Lord, O Moses ?’

He said, ‘ Our Lord is He who gave everything its creation, then guided it.’

Said he, ‘ And what of the former generations ?’

He said, ‘ The knowledge of them is with my Lord in a book ; my Lord misleads not, nor forgets !