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ⅩⅩ, 105-115.
the chapter of t. h..

say, ‘ My Lord will scatter them in scattered pieces, and He will leave them a level plain, thou wilt see therein no crookedness or inequality.’

On that day they shall follow the caller in whom is no crookedness[1]; and the voices shall be hushed before the Merciful, and thou shalt hear naught but a shuffling.

On that day shall no intercession be of any avail, save from such as the Merciful permits, and who is acceptable to Him in speech.

He knows what is before them and what is behind them, but they do not comprehend knowledge of Him.

110 Faces shall be humbled before the Living, the Self-subsistent ; and he who bears injustice is ever lost.

But he who does righteous acts and is a believer, he shall fear neither wrong nor diminution.

Thus have we sent it down an Arabic Qurʼân ; and we have turned about in it the threat, — haply they may fear, or it may cause them to remember. Exalted then be God, the king, the truth ! Hasten not the Qurʼân before its inspiration is decided for thee; but say, ‘ O Lord! increase me in knowledge[2].’

We did make a covenant with Adam of yore, but he forgot it, and we found no firm purpose in him.

115 And when we said to the angels, ‘ Adore

  1. That is, the angel who is to summon them to judgment, and from whom none can escape, or who marches straight on.
  2. Cf. p. 16, note 2.