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ⅩⅪ, 13-26.
the chapter of the prophets.

ye delighted in, and to your dwellings ! haply ye will be questioned/ Said they, ‘ O woe is us ! verily, we were wrong-doers.’

15 And that ceased not to be their cry until we made them mown down, — smouldering out!

We did not create the heaven and the earth and what is between the two in play. Had we wished to take to a sport, we would have taken to one from before ourselves; had we been bent on doing so. Nay, we hurl the truth against falsehood and it crashes into it, and lo ! it vanishes, but woe to you for what ye attribute (to God)!

His are whosoever are in the heavens and the earth, and those who are with Him are not too big with pride for His service, nor do they weary. 20 They celebrate His praises by night and day without intermission. Or have they taken gods from the earth who can raise up (the dead)?

Were there in both (heaven and earth) gods beside God, both would surely have been corrupted. Celebrated then be the praise of God, the Lord of the throne, above what they ascribe !

He shall not be questioned concerning what He does, but they shall be questioned.

Have they taken gods beside Him ? Say, ‘ Bring your proofs. This is the reminder of those who are with me, and of those who were before me.’ Nay, most of them know not the truth, and they do turn aside.

25 We have not sent any prophet before thee, but we inspired him that, ‘ There is no god but Me, so serve ye Me.’

And they say, ‘ The Merciful has taken a son[1];

  1. Or, child, since the passage refers both to the Christian