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ⅩⅪ, 38-48.
the chapter of the prophets.

Man is created out of haste. I will show you my signs ; but do not hurry Me.

And they say, ‘ When will this threat (come to pass), if ye tell the truth ?’

40 Did those who misbelieve but know when the fire shall not be warded off from their faces nor from their backs, and they shall not be helped ! Nay, it shall come on them suddenly, and shall dumbfounder them, and they shall not be able to repel it, nor shall they be respited.

Prophets before thee have been mocked at, but that whereat they jested encompassed those who mocked.

Say, ‘ Who shall guard you by night and by day from the Merciful ?’ Nay, but they from the mention of their Lord do turn aside.

Have they gods to defend them against us ? These cannot help themselves, nor shall they be abetted against us.

45 Nay, but we have granted enjoyment to these men and to their fathers whilst life was prolonged. Do they not see that we come to the land and shorten its borders ? Shall they then prevail ?

Say, ‘ I only warn you by inspiration ;’ but the deaf hear not the call when they are warned. But if a blast of the torment of thy Lord touches them, they will surely say, ‘ O, woe is us ! verily, we were wrong-doers !’

We will place just balances upon the resurrection day, and no soul shall be wronged at all, even though it be the weight of a grain of mustard seed, we will bring it ; for we are good enough at reckoning up.