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ⅩⅪ, 104-112.
the chapter of the prophets.

The day when we will roll up the heavens as es-Sigill rolls up the books[1]; as we produced it at its first creation will we bring it back again — a promise binding upon us; verily, we are going to do it. And already have we written in the Psalms 105 after the reminder that ‘ the earth shall my righteous servants inherit[2].’

Verily, in this is preaching for a people who serve me !

We have only sent thee as a mercy to the worlds.

Say, ‘ I am only inspired that your God is one God ; are ye then resigned ?’ But if they turn their backs say, ‘ I have proclaimed (war) against all alike, but I know not if what ye are threatened with be near or far !’

110 Verily, He knows what is spoken openly, and He knows what ye hide.

I know not, haply it is a trial for you and a provision for a season.

Say, ‘ My Lord ! judge thou with truth ! and our Lord is the Merciful whom we ask for aid against what they ascribe !’

  1. Es-Sigill is the name of the angel who has charge of the book on which each human being’s fate is written, which book he rolls up at a person’s death. The word, however, may mean a scroll or register, and the passage may be rendered, ‘ like the rolling up of a scroll for writings.’
  2. Psalm ⅹⅹⅹⅶ. 29.