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ⅩⅫ, 55-65.
the chapter of the pilgrimage.

and do aright shall be in gardens of pleasure, but those who misbelieve and say our signs are lies, these — for them is shameful woe.

And those who flee in God’s way, and then are slain or die, God will provide them with a goodly provision ; for, verily, God is the best of providers.

He shall surely make them enter by an entrance that they like ; for, verily, God is knowing, clement.

That (is so). Whoever punishes with the like of what he has been injured with, and shall then be outraged again, God shall surely help him ; verily, God pardons, forgives.

60 That for that God joins on the night to the day, and joins on the day to the night, and that God is hearing, seeing; that is for that God is the truth, and for that what ye call on beside Him is falsehood, and that God is the high, the great.

Hast thou not seen that God sends down from the sky water, and on the morrow the earth is green ? verily, God is kind and well aware.

His is what is in the heavens and what is in the earth ; and, verily, God is rich and to be raised.

Hast thou not seen that God has subjected for you what is in the earth, and the ship that runs on in the sea at His bidding, and He holds back the sky from falling on the earth save at His bidding[1]? verily, God to men is gracious, merciful.

65 He it is who quickens you, then makes you

  1. As it will do at the last day. The words of the text might also be rendered ‘ withholds the rain,’ though the commentators do not seem to notice this sense.