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selves. Is it not true, Tigellinus, that the philosophers at Rome slay themselves?


There be some who slay themselves, sire. They are the Stoics. The Stoics are people of no cultivation. They are ridiculous people. I myself regard them as being perfectly ridiculous.


I also. It is ridiculous to kill oneself.


Everybody at Rome laughs at them. The Emperor has written a satire against them. It is recited everywhere.


Ah! he has written a satire against them? Caesar is wonderful. He can do everything. . . . It is strange that the young Syrian has slain himself. I am sorry he has slain himself. I am very sorry; for he was fair to look upon. He was even very fair. He had very languorous eyes. I remember that I saw that he looked languorously at Salomé. Truly, I thought he looked too much at her.


There are others who look too much at her.