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I am passing happy. Have I not the right to be happy? Your daughter is going to dance for me. Wilt thou not dance for me Salomé? Thou hast promised to dance for me.


I will not have her dance.


I will dance for you, Tetrarch.


You hear what your daughter says. She is going to dance for me. Thou doest well to dance for me, Salomé. And when thou hast danced for me, forget not to ask of me whatsoever thou hast a mind to ask. Whatsoever thou shalt desire I will give it thee, even to the half of my kingdom. I have sworn it, have I not?


Thou hast sworn it, Tetrarch.


And I have never broken my word. I am not of those who break their oaths. I know not how to lie. I am the slave of my word, and my word is the word of a king. The King of Cappadocia had ever a lying tongue, but he is no true king. He is a coward. Also he owes me money that he will not repay. He has even insulted my ambassadors.

He has spoken words that were wound-