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Give me the head of Jokanaan.


[Sinking back in his seat]. Let her be given what she asks ! Of a truth she is her mother's child! [The first Soldier approaches. Herodias draws from the hand of the Tetrarch the ring of death, and gives it to the Soldier, who straightway bears it to the Executioner. The Executioner looks scared.] Who has taken my ring? There was a ring on my right hand. Who has drunk my wine? There was wine in my cup. It was full of wine. Someone has drunk it! Oh! surely some evil will befall some one. [The Executioner goes down into the cistern.]. Ah! Wherefore did I give my oath ? Hereafter let no king swear an oath. If he keep it not, it is terrible, and if he keep it, it is terrible also.


My daughter has done well.


I am sure that some misfortune will happen.


[She leans over the cistern and listens.]

There is no sound, I hear nothing. Why does he not cry out, this man? Ah! if any man sought to kill me, I would cry out, I would

struggle, I would not suffer. . . Strike, strike,