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Chap. Page.
Preface v
Introduction xi
I. Alphabet 19
II. System of Sounds; Pronunciation 1034
Vowels, 10; Consonants, 13; Quantity, 27; Accent, 28.
III. Rules of Euphonic Combination 3487
Introductory, 34; Principles, 37; Rules of Vowel Combination, 42; Permitted Finals, 49; Deaspiration, 53; Surd and Sonant Assimilation, 54; Combinations of Final s and r, 56; Conversion of s to ṣ, 61; Conversion of n to ṇ, 64; Conversion of Dental Mutes to Linguals and Palatals, 66; Combinations of Final n, 69; Combinations of Final m, 71; the Palatal Mutes and Sibilant, and h, 72; the Lingual Sibilant, 77; Extension and Abbreviation, 78; Strengthening and Weakening Processes, 81; Guṇa and Vṛddhi, 81; Vowel-lengthening, 84; Vowel-lightening, 85; Nasal Increment, 86; Reduplication, 87.
IV. Declension 88110
Gender, Number, Case, 88; Uses of the Cases, 89; Endings of declension, 103; Variation of Stem, 107; Accent in Declension, 108.
V. Nouns and Adjectives 111176
Classification etc., 111; Declension I., Stems in a, 112; Declension II., Stems in i and u, 116; Declension III., Stems in Long Vowels (ā, ī, ū): A. Root-words etc., 124; Stems in Diphthongs, 130; B. Derivative Stems etc., 131; Declension IV., Stems in ṛ and ar, 137; Declension V., Stems in Consonants, 141; A. Root-stems etc., 143; B. Derivative Stems in as, is, us, 153; C. Derivative Stems in an, 156; D. in in, 161; E. in ant or at, 163; F. Perfect Participles in vāṅs, 169; G. Comparatives in yāṅs or yas, 172; Comparison, 173.