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To the Muse of Lyric Song.

(Fragment 26.)

O Queen of Song, who art throned on gold,
Upraise the strain which the singer of old,
Even he of Teos,—the goodly town
Whose daughters wear beauty's royal crown,—
From ravishment-breathing lips outrolled,
A chant of undying renown.


Self-restraint when angered.

(Fragment 27.)

When wrath's wild-surging tide hath broken
The floodgates of thy breast, refrain
Thy tongue, lest words in passion spoken
Be mad and vain.


Quoted by Aristotle (Rhetoric, 1, 9) as a dialogue between Alcaeus and Sappho.

Alcaeus.O violet-wreathed, O pure as snow
Sappho, whose voice is honey-sweet,
Something I fain would say—but O,
Shame on my tongue hath set her feet.