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A river whose banks were bright with the sheen
Of flame-like flowers whose cups of gold
Dew-brimmed flashed out of the shimmering green.
And there unto Niobe Leto told
The tale of a bridal of long agone
Ere Hera was throned, when as yet was none
Crowned Heaven's Queen.
She told how Zeus had led her, his bride,
To a palace Olympian of stately pride,
Told of the spousal feast divine
Whereat the bowl of ambrosia-wine
Was mingled, and Hermes' self brimmed up
For God and Goddess the blessing-cup;
And hands celestial upheld on high
Each golden chalice, and pealed the cry
From celestial lips—"May happiness
Bridegroom and bride with all good bless!"
And they summoned to meet in the dancing-ring
The feet that flash and the lips that sing—
"Come, Graces roseate-armed, draw near!
O daughters of Zeus, at his bridal appear,
Ye bright-haired Muses, acclaim him here!"
Then garlands of soft-petalled flowers did they twine,
Those Graces, with lovely hands divine.
So with pleachèd wreaths they softly bound
The Muses' necks, and their own heads crowned.
And she told how the glorious dance-array
Would in wildering circles swing and sway,
Even as when in the latter day