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Zeus in his glory of beauty, to claim
By the right of his love an earthly bride.
And Niobe envied her friend no more.
Yea, now did she know, taught by love's lore—
Now, when her heart was satisfied—
For what cause she had sighed.


To Atthis the inconstant, who had forsaken her for Andromeda.

(Fragments 33, 57A, 44, 41, 70, 58 combined.)

I loved thee, Atthis,—even thee!—
Ah, long ago!
As Aphrodite's handmaid bright
As gold wert thou then in my sight.
A very queen of love to me
Then didst thou show.
Fair gifts I sent thee—broidery
Of golden thread whose shimmering light
Flashed mid the purple on thy knee,
A gleam and glow.
Then I knew not thine heart aright:
But now I know!
Thou incarnate false inconstancy—
To whom I grow
A thing to hate!—thou takest flight
On wings of love to—who is she?
A rustic wench whose garments flow