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The broadening flood swells slowly out, o'er cattle-dotted plains;
The stream is strong and turbulent, and dark with heavy rains;
The laborer looks up to see our shallop speed away.
When shall the sandy bar be crossed, when shall we find the bay?
R. Garnett.
They shall ask the way to Zion, with their faces thitherward.

BEFORE entering upon the larger subjects of Demonstration and Healing, there are certain other topics, of a more general character, which are worthy of consideration by the way, that we may afterward take up our journey with fresh courage.

In this new departure of Metaphysical Healing, God is regarded as absolute and supreme, clad with richer qualities, as man's Saviour. His fatherliness makes His sovereignty glorious.

The improved theory and practice of religion and medicine are mainly due to better views of the Supreme Being. As the sense of finite Deity, based on material conceptions, is purged of its grosser elements, we learn what God is, and what He does for man. It is the false conceptions of Spirit which make men Christian only in theory, while they are selfishly material in practice.