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I cannot fail to discern the coincidence of the human with the divine.

My medical researches and experiments had prepared the way for metaphysics. Every material dependence had failed, and I can now understand why; for I see the means by which mortals are divinely driven to a spiritual source for health, happiness, and Life. My experiments in homœopathy had made me sceptical as to material curative methods.

Jahr, from Aconitum to Zincum oxydatum, enumerates the general symptoms, the characteristic signs, that demand the different remedies. But the drug is attenuated to such a degree that not a vestige of it remains; and from this I learn that it is not the drug that cures the disease, or changes one of the symptoms.

I have attenuated Natrum muriaticum (common table-salt) until there was not a single saline property left. The salt had “lost its savor;” and yet with one drop of that attenuation in a goblet of water, and a teaspoonful of the water administered at intervals of three hours, I have cured a patient sinking in the last stage of typhoid fever.

The highest attenuation of homœopathy, and the most potent, steps out of matter into Mind; and thus it should be seen that Mind is the healer, or metaphysics, and that there is no efficacy in the drug.

A case of dropsy, given up by the faculty, fell into my hands. It was a terrible case. Tapping had been employed, and the patient looked like a barrel as she lay in the bed. I prescribed the fourth attenuation of Argenitum nitricum, with occasional doses of a high attenuation of Sulphuris. She improved perceptibly. Believing then