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4. Spongolarcus amphicentria, Haeckel.

? Amphicentria salpa, Ehrenberg, 1861, Monatsber. d. k. preuss. Akad. d. Wiss. Berlin, p. 296; Abhandl. d. k. Akad. d. Wiss. Berlin, 1872, Taf. ii. fig. 18.

? Spongurus salpa, Haeckel, 1862, Monogr. d. Radiol., p. 466.

Spongy network of the shell compact, its meshes about the same breadth as the bars. Surface of the shell spiny, with some larger spines around the poles of the axis; diameter of the internal cavity about six times as large as the thickness of its wall. Proportion of the three dimensive axes = 1 : 2 : 3. (Perhaps this Spongolarcus is identical with Amphicentria salpa, very imperfectly described and figured by Ehrenberg, loc. cit.?)

Dimensions.—Length 0.14, breadth 0.09, height 0.05; thickness of the spongy wall 0.015.

Habitat.—North Atlantic; off Greenland, 1000 fathoms, Ehrenberg; Station 64, depth (2700) fathoms.

Genus 271. Stypolarcus,[1] n. gen.

Definition.Larcarida with lentelliptical spongy shell, composed of compact spongy framework, without central cavity and medullary shell (without radial spines).

The genus Stypolarcus differs from Spongolarcus in the absence of any central cavity. This is quite filled up by spongy framework, which forms the whole mass of the lentelliptical body. Stypolarcus bears therefore the same relation to Spongolarcus that Styptosphæra does to Plegmosphæra.

1. Stypolarcus spongiosus, n. sp.

Lentelliptical shell composed in the whole mass of loose, spongy framework of similar texture, with irregular meshes, about ten to twenty times as broad as the thin bars. Surface rough, without radial spines. Proportion of the three axes = 3 : 4 : 5.

Dimensions.—Length 0.2, breadth 0.16, height 0.12.

Habitat.—Antarctic Ocean, Station 157, depth 1950 fathoms.

Family XXV. Larnacida, Haeckel, 1883 (Pl. 50, figs. 3-8).

Definition.Larcoidea with a regular, completely latticed, lentelliptical cortical shell, without open gates and annular constrictions; either this cortical shell or the enclosed medullary shell is trizonal, composed of three elliptical, latticed, dimensive girdles of different sizes, perpendicular one to another.

  1. Stypolarcus = Hemp basket; στύπη, λάρκος.