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and the soft parts removed when the valves separate or gape, but in doing this care should be taken not to injure the hinge, as it is often of material importance in the determination of genera; to preserve it therefore it is well to tie the shell round with some light thread. The operculum of Univalves must also be preserved, and should the contents of the shell at any time emit an unpleasant smell, a small quantity of chloride of lime will quickly and effectually remove it.

The arrangement of a collection of Shells is a mere matter of taste, much depending on the space that can be afforded to it. We who lead a somewhat nomadic life, prefer keeping the smaller species in small pill boxes, which can be purchased in nests at a trifling cost, the name of each species being carefully recorded on the lid; but a pair of each shell arranged on a cardboard, with the operculum glued down alongside, facilitates easy classification and subsequent examination.

We have not deemed it necessary to enter into a technical description of the columella, the hinge, and other portions of the shell, as this may be found in any elementary Work on the subject; to the amateur, Miss Catlow's little Manual will be of interest, but to the working Conchologist, we recommend Woodward's "Manual of the Mollusca," of which we need only say, that it is one of Weale's series, a sufficient testimony to its excellence.

Group of Serpulæ on a valve of Arca shell