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ZARB There are six of them over there. They are watching us.

KING ARGIMĒNĒS Are there other guards in sight of these six guards?


KING ARGIMĒNĒS How do you know?

ZARB Because whenever their officer leaves them they sit upon the ground and play with dice.

KING ARGIMĒNĒS How does that show that there are not another six in sight of them?

ZARB How witless you are, Argimēnēs. Of course it shows there are not. Because, if there were, another officer would see them, and their thumbs would be cut off.

KING ARGIMĒNĒS Ah. (a pause.) Zarb. (a pause) Would the slaves follow me if I tried to kill the guards?

ZARB No, Argimēnēs.

KING ARGIMĒNĒS Why would they not follow me?

ZARB Because you look like a slave. They will never follow a slave, because they are slaves themselves, and know how mean a creature is a slave. If you looked like a king they would follow you.

KING ARGIMĒNĒS But I am a king. They know that I am a king.

ZARB It is better to look like a king. It is looks that they would go by.