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Page 15, erase the 2d stanza, A gust of wind. &c.
18, last line but one: for cloud read load.
35, l. 7: for The r. Brown.
57, l.13: r. (They) for (and.)
88, l. 1 and 4: r. incautum and veniam.
93, last but 1: r. good-natured.
96, l. 14: for betrayed in r. betrayed by.
98, l. 4: for four r. three.
108, l. 15: for were r. was this intolerance in.
119, l. 3: for Are all r. All are.
126, l. 16: for Slush r. Hush.
130, l. 15: for stream r. brook.
133, l. 6: for thy r. my; and instead of lines 14, 15, and 16,
read as follows:
How soon to re-unite! And see! they meet,
Each in the other lost and found: and, see!
Placeless, as spirits, one soft Water-sun
Throbbing within them, Heart at once and Eye!
With its soft neighbourhood of filmy Clouds,
The Stains and Shadings of forgotten Tears,
Dimness o'erswum with lustre!—Such the hour
Of deep enjoyment, following Love's brief feuds!
But hark! &c.—and for came r. come.
134, l. 4: for Beneath r. At.
138, l. 1: r. And to that covert by a silent stream.
——l. 2: for o'er r. near.
155, l. 8: omit the full stop after guest.
157, I. 13: for fear no sting r. ask no sting.
168, l. 9: for livery r. living.
——l. 15: for once more r. thou too.
176: from the 9th line r. as follows:
O! the one Life, within us and abroad,
Which meets all Motion, and becomes its soul,
A Light in Sound, a sound-like power in Light,
Rhythm in all Thought, and Joyance every where—
Methinks, it should have been impossible
Not to love all things in a world so fill'd,
Where the breeze warbles and the mute still Air
Is Music slumbering on its instrument!
And thus, my Love! &c.
180: for the last line but four substitute
Praise, praise it, O my soul! oft as thou scann'st.
187, l. 1: r. Idolo.