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Deg. Min.
Longitude of Mercury on noon nearest G.M.T.
Leo 7 17
Increment of correction
0 12
Mercury’s long. to be entered in horoscope
Leo 7 29

The position of the Dragon’s Head, (☊) or Moon’s Node, and the Dragon’s Tail, (☋) have now to be found. The longitude of the Dragon’s Head for Aug. 2nd., the noon nearest to the G. M. T., is found in the ephemeris to be 13. 47 Gemini. The Dragon’s Tail occupies the opposite point, namely 13. 47 Sagittarius. These points are to be entered in the horoscope.

There remains yet another factor to complete the horoscope: the Part of Fortune, This is an imaginary point calculated from the longitude of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. The philosophy is, that the human body is produced by the lunar forees. At the time of conception the Moon may be mathematically demonstrated to have been in the degree which is the Ascendant at birth—at birth it has a different longitude. In one of these positions the Moon may be said to have magnetized the positive pole, in the other the negative pole of the seed atom which as a magnet draws to itself the chemical substance that builds the dense body. The solar forces vitalize the body and, as it is constantly decaying, a pabulum is necessary to repair waste. That nutriment and all material possessions, are therefore, astrologically speaking, de-