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August 22, 2017

Page 52

office in New York.

MR. FOSTER: You're talking about a formal deposition in the litigation?


MR. FOSTER: I just wanted to clarify that.

MR. SIMPSON: Again, it's in the court record. One of the frustrating things about this whole issue for me is everything I'm talking about or most of it is in the court record. You know, I don't take a lot of credit for my work. So you won't see my name scattered through the court record, but a lot of this is what I did.

MR. DAVIS: I think that's concludes our first hour. Let's take a short break before we begin a new one.

MR. FOSTER: Let's go off the record.

MR. DAVIS: We'll go off the record at 10:45.

(A short break was had.)

MS. SAWYER: It's about 10:55.



Q. Mr. Simpson, again, I'm Heather Sawyer, I work as counsel for Senator Feinstein, and I have with me two of my colleagues. I will primarily be


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