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Plate 14

White. — Iwasa Kei, fifth degree.
Black. — Madame Tsutsuki Yoneko, second degree.

Black has a handicap of two stones.

Played about October, 1906. The record is from the “Tokio Nichi Nichi.”

This game is selected because it is very thoroughly played out. The notes are intended for beginners, and much is stated which is obvious to a player of any skill; supplementing the explanations made in the preceding chapter the Japanese names of the various moves are given.



1. C 15. A rather unusual move called “Moku hadzushi.” As will be seen in the chapter on “Joseki,” it is the least conservative of the three usual openings.

2. R 4. Called “Komoku,” the most usual and most conservative method of commencing the corner play.

3. P 3.

4. Q 5. Intended to attack No. 3, and also it commences to make territory on the right side of the board.

5. D 17. This move secures this corner for White.

6. O 4. Continues the attack on No. 3.

7. N 3. (“Ikken tobi”) M 3 would be too far.

8. R 10. Black tries to make territory on the right side.