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eating song
A sip of water from this cup,
Of porridge just one tiny sup.
I'll take this little knife to spread,
A corner of the next one's bread;
And borrow this wee fork to break
A morsel from this barley cake.
I'll take one cherry from these four,—
But not a single mouthful more,
No, not a single mouthful more!

Snow White. Nobody could begrudge me that. But I'd like to do something to pay for my supper. [She looks about.] There's plenty to be done. It isn't at all a tidy house. [She yawns, and then shaking herself.] Wake up, Snow White! You musn't get sleepy yet; not till the people come home. [But she cannot quite stifle another yawn.] There's a broom. Suppose I sweep a little. [She begins to sweep, but the broom raises such a cloud of dust, that, coughing, she has to stop at once.] Dear me, that only makes things worse. This floor needs a good scrub-