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Ay, and for mine! I am not left out!—And now
He moves this way to promulgate his will
To such as have not heard, nor lightly holds
The thing he bids, but, whoso disobeys,
The citizens shall stone him to the death.
This is the matter, and thou wilt quickly show
If thou art noble, or fallen below thy birth.
Ism. Unhappy one! But what can I herein
Avail to do or undo?
Ant.Wilt thou share
The danger and the labour? Make thy choice.
Ism. Of what wild enterprise? What canst thou
Ant. Wilt thou join hand with mine to lift the
Ism. To bury him, when all have been forbidden?
Is that thy thought?
Ant.To bury my own brother
And thine, even though thou wilt not do thy part.
I will not be a traitress to my kin.
Ism. Fool-hardy girl! against the word of Creon?
Ant. He hath no right to bar me from mine own.
Ism. Ah, sister, think but how our father fell.
Hated of all and lost to fair renown.
Through self-detected crimes—with his own hand,
Self-wreaking, how he dashed out both his eyes:
Then how the mother-wife, sad two-fold name!
With twisted halter bruised her life away;
Last, how in one dire moment our two brothers
With internecine contlict at a blow
Wrought out by fratricide their mutual doom.
Now, left alone, O think how beyond all
Most piteously we twain shall be destroyed,
If in defiance of authority
We traverse the commandment of the King!
We needs must bear in mind we are but women.
Never created to contend with men;
Nay more, made victims of resistless power.
To obey behests more harsh than this to-day.
I, then, imploring those beneath to grant