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Inventive beyond wildest hope, endowed with boundless
skill,II. 2
One while he moves toward evil, and one while toward
According as he loves his land and fears the Gods above;
Weaving the laws into his life and steadfast oath of
High in the State he moves: but outcast he,
Who hugs dishonour to his heart, and follows paths of
Ne`er may he come beneath my roof, nor think like
thoughts with me.

Leader of Chorus
What portent from the Gods is here?
My mind is mazed with doubt and fear.
How can I gainsay what I see?
I know the girl Antigone.
O hapless child of hapless sire!
Didst thou, then, recklessly aspire,
To brave kings' laws, and now art brought
In madness of transgression caught?

Enter Watchman, bringing in Antigone.
Watch. Here is the doer of the deed: this maid.
We found her burying him. Where is the King?
Ch. Look, he comes forth again to meet thy call.

Enter Creon.
Cr. What call so nearly times with mine approach?
Watch. My lord, no mortal should deny on oath;
Judgement is still belied by after-thought.
When quailing 'neath the tempest of your threats,
Methought no force would drive me to this place.
But joy unlook'd for and surpassing hope
Is out of bound the best of all delight,
And so I am here again,—though I had sworn
I ne'er would come,—and in my charge this maid,
Caught in the act of caring for the dead.
Here was no lot-throwing; this hap was mine