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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Executive Committee—General Bradley T. Johnson, Major W. K. Martin, Colonel Thos. H. Carter, Major T. A. Brander, Private Carlton McCarthy.

The annual orators of this division have been as follows: In '72, Wm. H. Payne and Colonel Jos. Mayo (in the absence of General John B. Gordon, orator elect). Colonel Charles S. Venable in 1873, Colonel Charles Marshall in 1874, and Major John W. Daniel in 1875.

The next annual reunion will take place in Richmond, on the first of November.

The chosen orator is Captain W. Gordon McCabe, who will discuss as his subject, "Petersburg in 1864-5." There will also be a banquet.

Applicants for membership in this association will be furnished with proper blanks on addressing either of the secretaries. The charges are: annual membership fee, $1; certificate of membership (beautifully engraved), $1; badge, $2. We would urge all survivors of the Virginia Division of the Army of Northern Virginia to unite with this organization.



Contributions to our Archives continue to come in. Among the more valuable received since our last acknowledgement, we may mention the following:

From Mrs. V. Hortense Rodes, Tuscaloosa, Alabama—General R. E. Rodes' reports of the Gettysburg campaign, Chancellorsville, Seven Pines, and the First Maryland campaign.

From Mrs. A. J. Graves, Baltimore— Fifteen scrap books filled with newspaper clippings for the years 1860-65, very carefully selected and arranged in chronological order.

From Rev. Geo. W. Peterkin, Baltimore— Roster of the artillery of Army Northern Virginia, copied from an original morning return which came into his possession while serving on the staff of General W. N. Pendleton, Chief of Artillery Army Northern Virginia.

From General R. L. T. Beale, of Virginia—A narrative of the part borne by the Ninth Virginia cavalry, in resisting the Kilpatrick-Dahlgren raid, together with a statement which establishes fully the authenticity of the infamous Dahlgren papers.

From General Dabney Herndon Maury, of Virginia—His recollections of the Elkhorn campaign.

From W. Baird, Esq., of Essex county, Virginia—A Review of the first volume of the Count of Paris' History of the Civil War in America.

From Carlton McCarthy Esq., of Richmond—Two papers on Detailed Minutiæ of Soldier Life.

From Geo. T. Whitington, Alexandria— First morning report of troops at Manassas Junction, under command of Major Cornelius Boyle, May 6th, 1861.

From Judge B. R. Wellford— Supplemental report of Confederate States Secretary of War (March 17th, 1862), embracing the correspondence in reference to the first cartel for the exchange of prisoners.

Other acknowledgments and book notices crowded out.