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Illustration of papers on a letter spike, the topmost bearing the text "Southern Historical Society Papers"

Vol. V.
No. 3.
Richmond, Va., September, 1878.

General C. M. Wilcox on the Battle of Gettysburg.

[We publish the following without note or comment of our own, except to say that inasmuch as we have published both of General Longstreet's papers, there seems justice in General Wilcox's claim of the privilege of a reply.]

In the early part of November last, General Longstreet gave, through the columns of the Weekly Times, his version of the battle of Gettysburg, and in the latter part of the month I replied briefly, through the same medium, to so much of it as reflected upon myself and command. I did not care to go into the details of that battle with General Longstreet, feeling confident from its general tone and character that others would, and that points would be embraced in the discussion about which I had no personal knowledge. I, therefore, did little more than correct his misstatements as to my brigade in the battle that took place late in the afternoon of the 2d of July.

A recent number of the Weekly Times has an article supplementary to his first, in which the same charges are reiterated as to myself that were in his first, notwithstanding my explanation and positive denial of their truth. I have no desire for further con-