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Fight in Mobile Bay.

directed by Admiral Farragut to ask for my sword, which was brought from the cabin and delivered to him by one of my aids.

Admiral F. Buchanan, Commanding.



Killed and wounded of Confederate Fleet in action of August 5, 1864, Mobile Bay.


Killed—John Silk, first-class fireman; William Moors, seaman—2.

Wounded—Admiral F. Buchanan, fracture right leg; A. T. Post, pilot, slightly in head; J. C. O'Connell, second assistant-engineer, slightly in leg and shoulder; William Rogers, second assistant-engineer, slightly in head and shoulder; James Kelly, B. M., slightly in knee; And. Rasmison, Q. M., slightly in head; William Daly, seaman, in head; Robert Barry, marine, gunshot wound of ear and head; James McKunn, marine, contusion of shoulder—9.


Killed—J. H. Comstock, lieutenant and executive officer; J. R. Murray, acting master's-mate ; William Hall, gunner's-mate; James Rooney, seaman; James Montgomery, seaman; Bernard Riley, ordinary seaman; J. R. Frisly, landsman; Christopher Shepherd, landsman—8.

Wounded—P. U. Murphy, lieutenant commanding, slightly in wrist; John Villa, seaman, badly, leg and arm; Henry Fratee, landsman, badly in hand; Daniel Linnehan, seaman, slightly in arm; John Shick, seaman, slightly in face; John Davis, fireman, slightly; John Gilliland, seaman, slightly—7.

Total killed, 10; wounded, 16.

D. B. Conrad,
Fleet-Surgeon, C. S. N.



Officers of the Ram Tennessee who were in action.

Admiral F. Buchanan, Commander J. D. Johnston, First Lieutenant and Executive Officer William L. Bradford, Lieutenant A. D. Wharton, Lieutenant E. J. McDermett, Masters H. W. Perrin and J. Demaley, Fleet-Surgeon D. B. Conrad, Assistant-Surgeon R. C. Bowles, First Lieutenant Marine Corps D. G. Raney, First-Assistant-