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Southern Historical Society Papers.

He was frequently interrupted by applause or roars of laughter at his good hits. He took his seat amid loud applause, and was warmly congratulated at its close.

General Early made a few remarks, in which he spoke of the great value of the work of the Society.

The business meeting held at the same place on Tuesday night, October 28th, was one of interest, though not very largely attended. General Early presided, and the report of the Executive Committee was read as follows by the Secretary:

Sixth Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Southern Historical Society for year ending October 29th, 1878.

In greeting the members of our Society, assembled in annual meeting, and in presenting a report of our transactions during the year, your Committee feel satisfied that they bring a record of success and progress in the past and brightening prospects for the future, which will be gratifying to all lovers of the truth.

But before presenting a report of our year's work, it may be well to give a brief sketch of the


In the early part of 1869, General D. H. Maury suggested to a number of gentlemen in New Orleans, the propriety of organizing a Society for the purpose of collating, preserving and finally publishing such material as would vindicate the truth of Confederate history. After a number of conferences, the Southern Historical Society was formally organized on the 1st of May, 1869, by the following gentlemen: Generals Braxton Bragg, R. Taylor, Dabney H. Maury, C. M. Wilcox, J. S. Marmaduke, S. B. Buckner, G. T. Beauregard, R. L. Gibson and Harry T. Hays, M. W. Cluskey, G. W. Gordon, B. M. Harrod, F. H. Farrar, A. L. Stuart, H. N. Ogden, B. J. Sage, F. H. Wigfall, Major George O. Norton, Frederick N. Ogden, John B. Sale, James Phelan, William H. Saunders, Rev. J. N. Gallaher, Charles L. C. Dupuy, B. A. Pope, M. D., Joseph Jones, M. D., B. F. Jonas, Edward Ivy, A. W. Basworth, S. E. Chaille, M. D., S. M. Bemiss, M. D., Frank Hawthorne, M. D., James Strawbridge, Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D., Honorable Thomas J. Semmes, E. M. Hudson, Charles Chapohn, Honorable C. M. Conrad, J. F. Caldwell, H. Chapata and John J. O'Brien. Rev. Dr. B. M. Palmer was elected president, and Joseph Jones, M. D., secretary, and vice-presidents were elected for each State of the Confederacy. Important work was done, and