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* Regiments thus designated, were counted in the return for May 31st, 1863, but were not at Gettysburg, to wit: the five regiments in Corse's brigade and three in my division.
Regiments thus designated were not counted in the return for May 31st, but were at Gettysburg, to wit: four in Pettigrew's brigade; the Twenty-fifth and Thirty-first Virginia; and the Forty-second Mississippi and Fifty-fifth North Carolina in Davis' brigade.
Regiments thus designated were neither counted in the return of May 31, nor at Gettysburg, to wit: the five in Jenkins' brigade, four in Cooke's brigade, and one in Pettigrew's, and one regiment and the First Confederate battalion in Davis' brigade.
This battalion, First North Carolina, containing two companies, was detached before the 20th of June, and assigned to duty as a provost guard at corps headquarters.
§ There were two First South Carolina regiments, one called volunteers and the other regulars, and there was a First South Carolina rifles. The First South Carolina regiment in this brigade was probably the regulars. The First Virginia battalion, under Major Bridgeford, was a provost guard at army headquarters.
Jenkins' brigade was transferred from Pickett's to Hood's division in October, 1863. Cooke's brigade did not join Heth's division until after the return from Pennsylvania. The Twenty-sixth Mississippi regiment did not join Davis' brigade until after the return from Pennsylvania.

The Forty-second North Carolina regiment was not with Pettigrew's brigade at Gettysburg, but was left in Virginia.

Rank of Lieutenant-Generals—
    1st. J. LONGSTREET.
    2d. R. S. EWELL.
    3d. A. P. HILL.
Rank of Major-Generals—
    2d. R. H. ANDERSON.
    3d. G. E. PICKETT.
    4th. JOHN B. HOOD. Promoted.
    5th. J. A. EARLY.
    7th. R. E. RODES.
    8th. HENRY HETH.
    9th. W. D. PENDER. Died from wounds.
  10th. C. M. WILCOX. Appointed vice Pender.
  11th. C. W. FIELD. Appointed vice Hood.