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Editorial Paragraphs.
Editorial Paragraphs

Renewals have been coming in from many of our friends with rather more than accustomed promptness; but we are afraid that we shall be forced to discontinue our visits to a large number of subscribers whose time has expired. Ask your neighbor if he has renewed, and urge him to do so.

If each one of our Subscribers would send us a new name, or induce one of our old subscribers to renew, we should be under obligations. Will you not try to do this at once?

General Stephen D. Lee writes us, after the form containing his article had been printed and consequently too late to make the change, that he desired the figures given in General Forrest's report, published in our January number, substituted for the report of his loss, which he took from General Jordan's "Forrest and his Campaigns." General Forrest says: "The killed and wounded of the enemy who fell into our hands amount to over one hundred  *   *   *  and one hundred and sixty-two prisoners  *   *   * ; and it is but reasonable to suppose, and a low estimate to place, their loss in killed, wounded and missing at eight hundred."

The Lee Monument Association has done the secretary of the Southern Historical Society the honor of electing him to the secretaryship of the Association, made vacant by the resignation of Colonel S. Bassett French.

We propose to do all in our power push this grand work to completion, and bespeak the active co-operation of admirers of the great chieftan everywhere.

We have a proposition from one of the most devoted followers of Lee to be one of fifty persons to give five hundred dollars each to secure at once a sum which would justify the beginning of the work. Can we not find forty-nine more who will respond to this proposition?

Meantime, subscriptions, large or small, from individuals or from associations would be acceptable.

Any information concerning the Lee Monument Association can be ob- tained by addressing Rev. J. Wm. Jones, Secretary, box 61, Richmond, Va.

A Few Generous Responses were made to our appeal for help to pay off the old debt of the Society, we have received a number of kind promises which will doutless be redeemed before long, and others of our friends are no doubt intending to respond. One of our friends proposes to be one of fifty to give fifty dollars each to raise $2,500 for the Society. We have two other