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Illustration of papers on a letter spike, the topmost bearing the text "Southern Historical Society Papers"

Vol. VIII.
Nos. 6 and 7.
Richmond, Va., June and July, 1880.

History of Lane's North Carolina Brigade.

By Brigadier-General James H. Lane.

No. 7.


Warrenton Springs—On the 24th there was a fierce cannonade between General Hill's artillery and that of the enemy across the river.

Manassas Junction—Soon after the advance of the troops from Bristoe station reached the Junction, they were fired upon by a distant battery of the enemy, posted in the direction of the battlefield of Manassas. This artillery was driven off, and retreated in the direction of Centreville. Soon after, a considerable body of Federal infantry, under Brigadier-General Taylor, of New Jersey, came in sight—having, it is believed, that morning left Alexandria in the cars—and boldly pushed forward to recover the position and