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Strength of EweWs Division in 1862. 305

Elzey's (then Early 's) brigade, then consisted of the Twelfth Georgia, and Thirteenth, Twenty-fifth, Thirty-first, Forty -fourth, Fifty-second and Fifty-eighth Virginia regiments, as it had done during the battles.

There was no return for Wheat's battalion, of Taylor's brigade, of that date, but the return for July 20th showed present for duty one officer and one hundred and eleven enlisted men.

The returns for the morning of the 9th of August, 1862, the day of the battle of Cedar Run, show in the division, present for duty:

Infantry Officers 333

Enlisted men 4,363

Artillery Officers 10

Enlisted men 226


The changes in the organization of the division since the Seven Days' Battles had been the transfer of the Sixteenth Mississippi regiment from Trimble's brigade, the transfer of the Fifth and Fourteenth Louisiana regiments to Taylor's brigade, and the transfer of the Ninth Louisiana from it.

Before the 26th of August, 1862, Lawton's brigade was added to the division, Wheat's battalion of Taylor's brigade was disbanded, and the Forty-ninth Virginia regiment joined Early's brigade, and the returns for that day show in the division, present for duty :

Infantry Officers 467

Enlisted men 6,646

Artillery Officers 13

Enlisted men 276

Total 7,402

Lawton's brigade was 'transferred to the division about the 13th of August, and a return of it for that day shows in its six infantry regiments, present for duty :

Officers 119

Enlisted men 1,922

Total 2,041

And an aggregate present, including extra duty men, sick, &c., of "2,520. Its losses in the Seven Days' Battles amounted to 567.