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Organization of the Army of Tennessee. 157

Law's Brigade. Brigadier-General E. M. Law — Colonel J. I.. Sheffield. Fourth Alabama.

Fifteenth Alabama, Colonel W. C. Oates. Forty-fourth Alabama. Forty-seventh Alabama. Forty-eighth Alabama.

Robertson' s Brigade, (d) Brigadier-General J. B. Robertson— Colonel Van H. Manning. Third Arkansas, Colonel Van H. Manning. First Texas, Captain R. J. Harding.

Fourth Texas, Colonel John P. Bane and Captain R. H. Bassett. Fifth Texas, Major J. C. Rogers and Captains J. S. Cleveland and T. T. Clay.

A7iderso7i s Brigade, {c)

Brigadier-General George T. Anderson. Seventh Georgia. Eighth Georgia. Ninth Georgia. Eleventh Georgia. Fifty-ninth Georgia.

Benniiig's Brigade.

Brigadier-General H. L. Benning. Second Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel William S. Shepherd and Major

W. W. Charlton, Fifteenth Georgia, Colonel D, M. DuBose and Major P. J. Shannon. Seventeenth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles W. Matthews. Twentieth Georgia, Colonel J. D. Waddell.


Colonel E. Porter Alexander.

Fickling's (South Carolina) Battery. Jordan's (Virginia) Battery. Moody's (Louisiana) Battery. Parker's (Virginia) Battery. Taylor's (Virginia) Battery. Woolfolk's (Virginia) Battery.

(flf) Served part of the time in Johnson's provisional division. \,c) Did not arrive in time to take part in the batde. Jenkins's brigade as- signed to the division September ii, 1863.