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14 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Forty-first Virginia, Colonel W. A. Parham. Sixty first Virginia, Colonel V. D. Groner.

Wri^hfs Brigade. Second Georgia Battalion, Major C. J, Moffett. Tenth Georgia Battalion, Captain J. D. Frederick. Third Georgia, Colonel E. J. Walker. Twenty-second Georgia, Colonel G. H. Jones. Forty-eighth Georgia, Colonel William Gibson. Sixty-fourth Georgia, Major W. H. Weems.

Fmegan' s Brigade.

Second Florida, Major W. [R.] Moore. Fifth Florida, Colonel T. B. Lamar. Eighth Florida, Colonel D. Lang. Ninth Florida, Colonel J. M. Martin. Tenth Florida, Colonel C. [F.] Hopkins. Eleventh Florida, Colonel T. W. Brevard.


Major General C. M. Wilcox.

Thomas's Brigade, {b)

Colonel Thomas J. Simmons.

Fourteenth Georgia, Major W. L. Goldsmith. Thirty-fifth Georgia, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. McCullohs. Forty-fifth Georgia, Captain A. W. Gibson. Forty-ninth Georgia, Colonel John T. Jordan. McGowan's Brigade, {b) Brigadier-General Samuel McGowan. First South Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel A. P. Butler. Twelfth South Carolina, Captain R, M. Kerr. Thirteenth South Carolina, Captain D. R. Duncan. Fourteenth South Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Croft. Orr's Rifles, Major J. T. Robertson. Lane's Brigade, (b) Brigadier-General James H. Lane. Seventh North Carolina, Captain J. G. Harris. Eighteenth North Carolina, Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. McGill. Twenty-eighth North Carolina, Major S. N. Stowe.

(d) Actual commanders given as shown by inspection reports.