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326 Southern Historical Society Papers.

order in which his divisions moved, and even contains the announce- ment that two of his brigades would probably stop in Richmond and Wise and Jenkins take their places. I only communicated the move- ment to the Quartermaster-General on the night of the 6th instant, and it must have reached New York on the 7th or 8th in order to be in the Herald of the 9th. I fear there has been great imprudence in talking on the part of our people, or that there may be improper persons among the officers or railroad clerks.

I am, with great respect, your obedient servant,

R. E. Lee, General.

Organization of the Army of the Valley District August 20, 1864.*

[Compiled by War Record's Office.] RODES' DIVISION, f

Major-General R. E. Rodes. Grimes^ Brigade. Cook's Brigade.

Brigadier-General Brjan Grimes. Brigadier-General Phil. Cook.

Thirty-second North Carolina. Fourth Georgia.

Forty-third North Carolina. Twelfth Georgia.

Forty-fifth North Carolina. Twenty-first Georgia.

Fifty-third North Carolina. Forty-fourth Georgia. Second North Carolina Battalion.

Cox's Brigade. Battle's Brigade.

Brigadier-General W. R. Cox. Brigadier-General C. A. Battle.

First North Carolina. Third Alabama.

Second North Carolina. Fifth Alabama.

Third North Carolina. Sixth Alabama.

Fourth North Carolina. Twelfth Alabama.

Fourteenth North Carolina. Sixty-first Alabama.

Thirtieth North Carolina.

Gordon's division.

Major-General John B. Gordon.

Hays' Brigade. %

Colonel William Monaghan.

Fifth Louisiana, Major A. Hart. Sixth Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel J. Hanlon. Seventh Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel T. M. Terry. Eighth Louisiana, Captain L Prados. Ninth Louisiana, Colonel William R. Peck. Stafford's Brigade. X

Colonel Eugene Waggaman.

First Louisiana, Captain Joseph Taylor.

Second Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel M. A. Grogan.

Tenth Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel H. D. Monier.