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The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid Against Richmond. 543

torpedoes, &c. The line of Falling Creek is probably the best to work along, or, as they approach the city, Goode's Creek, so that no reinforcements can come up on any cars. No one must be al- lowed to pass ahead for fear of communicating news. Rejoin the command with all haste, and, if cut off, cross the river above Rich- mond and rejoin us. Men will stop at Bellona Arsenal and totally destroy it, and anything else but hospitals ; then follow on and re- join the command at Richmond with all haste, and, if cut off, cross the river and rejoin us. As General Custer may follow me, be care- ful and not give a false alarm.


The following is an exact copy of a paper written in lead pencil, which appears to have been a private memorandum of the pro- gramme, which Dahlgren had made to enable him to keep his work clearly in mind.

Saturday Leave camp at dark (6 P. M.); cross Ely's Ford at 10 P.M.

Twenty miles Cross North Anna at 4 A. M. Sunday; feed and water one hour.

Three miles Frederick's Hall Station, 6 A. M.; destroy arty. 8 A. M.

Twenty miles Near James river, 2 P. M. Sunday; feed and water one and a half hours.

Thirty miles to Richmond March towards Kilpatrick for one hour and then as soon as dark cross the river, reaching Richmond early in the morning. (Monday.)

One squadron remains on north side, and one squadron to cut the railroad bridge at Falling Creek, and join at Richmond eighty- three miles.

General Kilpatrick cross at i A. M. Sunday ten miles.

Pass river 5 A. M. (resistance.)

Childsburg fourteen miles 8 A. M.

Resistance at North Anna three miles.

Railroad bridges at South Anna twenty-six miles 2 P. M. Destroy bridges Pass the South Anna and feed until after dark- then signal each other After dark move down to Richmond, and be in front of the city at daybreak.

RETURN In Richmond during the day feed and water men