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10 Southern Historical Society Papers.


J. M Walters, Captain and Assistant Quarter-Master. G. S. Rives, Lieutenant and Provost-Marshal. James Parrish, Senior Surgeon.

Ninth Regiment.

Co. A Captain, W. E. Edmonds. Co. B Sergeant, W. E. Shadduck.

Corporals, T. L. Farrish, J. W. Kidd.

Privates, A. T. Broaddus, H. M. Broaddus, D. S. Cash, W. S. Gouldin, C. Conway, C. Warwick, W. W. Woolfolk. Co. D T. A. Pinckard, W. H. Saunders. Co. F Corporal L. W. Mitchell.

Private T. M. Moore. Co. G Privates, W. Coleman, M. Jones. Co. H Sergeants, R. G. Howiston, W. H. Mitchell.

Privates, E. A. Duncan, J. W. Gates, T. E. Henshaw, R. Leftwich, P. Sutton.

Tenth Regiment Field and Staff.

W. H. Cabell, Captain and Assistant Quarter- Master. M. S. Warren, Assistant Surgeon. R. B. Boykin, Captain and A. C. S.

Co. B Privates, L. G. Heye, D. A. Spaugh, J. A. Mock, B. R.

Van Eaton.

Co. C Sergeant, R. B King. Co. E Private, W. Jones.

Co. F Sergeants, A. A. Sutherland, A. S. George. Co. G Sergeant, J. Shepherd.

Privates, M. H. Potts, M. H. Spotts. Co. F Private, G. H. Grabble. Co. I Captain, George Hopkins.

Privates, R. M. Cross, S. G. Coghill. Co. K Private, E. H. Poindexter.

Thirteenth Regiment Field and Staff.

R. S. Harrison, Lieutenant and Adjutant. J. W. Greene, Assistant Surgeon.