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Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. 21

Green's Battery.

Serg't Lyman Dudley. Serg't Jas. P. Golden.

Corp'l Henry Kopman. Corp' 1 Nicholas J. Hoey.

Corp'l M. Cantrelle.


Thos. F. Byrne, C. W. Baker,

Peter Bellott, Henry A. Block,

Jas. P. Harrell, H. C. Clarke,

W. Y. Logan, H. W. Harrell,

Wm. Williams, D. W. Logan,

Jos. Prados, L. F. Servary. [17]

Recapitulation .

Field and Staff, i man.

Armistead's Battery, 70 men.

French's Battery, 66

Green's Battery, 17 "

154 men. Inventory of Public Property in Charge of the Battalion.

Field and Staff, 3* lead harness sets, 4* wheel harness sets, 15* ani- mals, 3* wagons, i ambulance.

Armistead's Battery, i 1 2-pound gun, 2 caissons, 75 rounds of ammunition, 6 lead harness sets, 6 wheel harness sets, 26* animals, i forge.

French's, 3 12 pound guns, i caisson, 68 rounds of ammunition, 10 lead harness sets, 6 wheel harness sets, 26* animals.

Respectfully submitted, (S'g'd), A. W. STARK,

Lt.-Col. Com' d^g Batfn. Official copy : C. V. SOUTHALL, A. A. A. G., Long's Art'y.


At headquarters of Col. T. H. Carter, Com'd'g Art'y, Ap' I 9, 1865.

Private R. Powell Page, Graham's Battery, Hardaway's Batt. Art'y. Private G. Percie Hawes, Montgomery's Battery, Cutshaw's Batt. Art'y.

  • Reported by battalion quartermaster.