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462 Southern Historical Society Papers.

E. J. Wiles, Co. A, 34th N. C. Inf 'ry. M. Carroll, Co. G, Hth La. Inf'ry. W. P. Cooper, Co. C, 37th Va. Inf'ry. J. F. Herrin, Co. H, i4th N. C. Inf'ry. J. R. Oldham, Co. A, loth Ala. Inf'ry.

C. T. Osborne, Co. B, 44th Ga. Inf'ry. J. J.. Clemens, Co. B, 4Qth Ga. Inf'ry. J. R. Miles, Co. G, 3d Va. Inf'ry.

J. A. Rosser, Co. A, 44th Ga. Inf'ry. ist Serg't T. T. Mathews, Co. I, 2ist Ga. Inf'ry. 3d Serg't D. McKinnen, Co. F, i8th N. C. Inf'ry. 2d Serg't B. F. Kilpatrick, guard for wagon, Co. & Reg't not known, ad Corp'l P. Word, Co. K, 3ist Ga. Private N. S. Crawford, Co. E, 3d Ark.

J. R. Cheshire, Co. I, 2d Fla.

W. H. Roy, Co. H, 2d N. C. Inf'ry.

T. Bowlin, Co. K, lyth S. C. Inf'ry.

J. Connell, Co. A, 44th N. C. Inf'ry.

R. N. Bivins, Co. D, 37th N. C. Inf'ry.

J. W. Brank, Co. F, i3th N. C. Inf'ry.

A. J. Jones, Co. G, ist N. C. Cav.

J. H. Southern, Co. D, 2ist N. C. Inf'ry.

W. J. Cain, Co. E, 2ist Ga. Inf'ry.

W. Cosby, Co. B, 54 th N. C. Inf'ry.

D. Ingle, Co. K, 23d N. C. Inf'ry.

J. M. C. Penninger, Co. G, 66th N. C. Inf'ry.

G. H. Conly, Co. C, 24th Ga. Inf'ry.

W. T. Barker, conscript assigned to light duty.

A. Simmons, Co. G, 2Oth N. C.

N. L. Nash, conscript assigned to light duty.

T. C. Pleasants, Co. and Reg't not known.

J. M. Spencer, Co. and Reg't not known.

P. O' Conner, Co. and Reg't not known.

W. T. Maben, Co. C, 4th N. C. 2d Serg't G. W. Dale, Co. H, 4th Tenn. 2d Serg't A. W. Rusher, Co. A, 37th N. C. ist Corp'l W. H. Coleman, Co. B, 69th Tenn. Private A. B. Brasier, Co. E, 5th Ala.

M. Hall, Co. F, 20th N. C.

A. Fonts, Co. H, I4th N. C.

J. F. Griffin, Co. H, 5th N. C.